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The Longo-Bellesi Dental Surgery is far from the classic norms of a dental surgery or a medical practice.

A highly specialized team provides in-depth knowledge and state-of-the-art technology for the physical and psychological well being of patients.

Our biological approach favours a vision of the individual that is global, rather than limited to the single tooth, for dentistry with a broad look at the “patient-system”. The surgery has also chosen to use biocompatible materials.

A complete and in depth treatment of each patient is guaranteed by the presence of a POSTUROLOGIST, a physiotherapist, a speech therapist and a researcher.


Our staff is a multidisciplinary team, closely evaluating the health of the whole body, for both adults and children, in a constant consultation between patients and specialists. In this cross-knowledge, the overall needs of each patient can be evaluated.

For our team, health must be intrinsic to life; health is the expression of life, of its natural intelligence of uninterrupted reorganization, a state of total physical and psychological well being.

Our commitment is to effectively work on the patient’s problems, aiming for appropriate answers. Our team believes in mutual connections between the fields of expertise, scientific, medical, and paramedical, of the members.

The team also works on the problems of artistic professionals (musicians, singers), with the view of making the body work perfectly. An example which can impact all of us but is of specific significance to the artist, as it can have an impact on the profession, is bad occlusion. Incorrect occlusion can have effects not only on the muscles of the head, but also on the muscles of the spine. Among these muscles, are both those intrinsic to the spine itself and those that relate to other parts of the body: pelvis, superior and inferior limbs and head.

This system, that keeps the barycentre of the body on its base, opposes gravity and compensates external mechanical stresses. The head plays an important role in maintaining balances. As the termporal-mandibular joint is continually stressed by many functions: breathing, talking, chewing, swallowing, when there is an incorrect occlusion, the muscles may start working incorrectly in the neck, affecting the balance of the whole body.

Bad or incorrect postures, induced by the profession (violinists, cellists) can also influence the masticatory system.

Our team has a special attention to professional singers and musicians who play winds, for whom dental rehabilitation should not interfere with the profession.


Musician, singer, researcher is part of the multidisciplinary team

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Our mission is the patient’s health. Great attention goes to the attainment of physical, psychological and social wellness of patients, adults and children. The dental therapies are of the highest level and we aim at prevention and early diagnosis. We use state-of-the art technology and our medical team is composed both of specialists in traditional medicine and in biological medicine.

We cure the patient in his entirety.

We are far from the classic norms of a dental surgery or a medical practice. Patients should be happy of doing something for their own health; teeth are interconnected to the whole body.

Our motto is PREVENTION IS BEST and, for this reason, we are part of the prevention project drawn by the Tuscany Region, the Tuscan Health service, the Tuscany Educational Office, Andi-Toscana, the Meyer Hospital and Mentadent. The project includes a dental examination, oral hygiene and food education, and the free sealing of molar ridges for children of seven years of age.

The first examination and the quotation are free of charge.

We welcome you in our cosy waiting room, with a corner dedicated exclusively to children. In this relaxing area, there is always some sort of cultural offer: emerging and established artists regularly show their work here, always aiming for the physical and psychological wellness of patients.

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